Flora Veterinary Clinic & Wayne County Veterinary both offer advanced veterinary medicine, delivered with the care, tenderness, and familiarity of your local hometown vet. Even with decades of accrued experience in the veterinary industry, we’ve never left our local roots and our desire to serve our communities of Flora and Fairfield. Even while we’ve continued to build out our services to provide the latest technology and newest industry offerings to your beloved pet, we’ve stayed laser-focused on what matters most: your pet’s care and having a veterinary destination you can trust when you need it most.

We’re proud to maintain two of the most modern and well-designed clinics anywhere in our region. We’ve expanded recently and are delighted to now operate in what we like to refer to as our “dream clinic,” which allows us to offer everything that our clients need to receive the very best care possible. From our customer service representatives, kennel staff, to our veterinary technicians, and of course, our veterinarians, we all operate with the understanding that we’re here to serve you, our local community.

Our hometown spirit and pride are a large part of what drives us each day; there’s something wonderful about knowing we make a difference to our local community and that the care we provide has the power to change the lives of both pets and their owners.

The Flora Veterinary Clinic location is the only veterinary practice in our county, it’s also been operating for over 45 years. While we’re now in a new location, our decades of service have bonded us to local pet owners who have been visiting us for years.

We welcome you to stop by or give us a call if you have a question or would like to schedule your next appointment. Flora Veterinary Clinic can be reached at (618) 662-4176 and Wayne County Veterinary can be reached at (618) 842-4884.