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Thorough check-ups and preventive care can help alleviate serious health problems. We offer a wide range of veterinary services to keep your companions feeling their best.


We believe deeply in the need for preventative care to ensure a long and happy life for your pet. We encourage you to visit us regularly to ensure your pet is in good shape and is living a lifestyle that’s optimal for their life-stage. When it comes to routine visits, we recommend your dog see the veterinarian twice a year and at least once annually for your cat.


We recommend keeping your pet up to date on vaccinations and checking up during seasonal changes to ensure no new vaccination is being recommended. When it comes to common questions about Tick Prevention, Flea Prevention and Heartworm Prevention, we can recommend and administer recommended medicines to help ensure your pet is equipped to avoid complications such as these, year-round.


From spays and neuters to soft-tissue surgery, routine elective surgery and more, our veterinarians have been performing care to pets for decades. We always closely monitor your pet to provide them with the utmost care and attention to ensure these procedures occur as smoothly as possible. We utilize the latest anesthetic protocols, pain control methods and ongoing patient monitoring, so that you can rest assured your pet is receiving the best care.


X-rays are an important tool that allows us even more insight into the health of your pet. Using this technology, we can pinpoint the cause of any issues, determining if any internal functioning of your pet is damaged or abnormal. From a broken bone to a slight fracture, digital X-rays help us to determine the right course of action to assist in your pet’s recovery.


Ultrasound imaging allows us to gain important insights into the internal functioning of your pet’s soft tissues, such as muscles and organs. Ultrasound imaging is entirely non-invasive and requires no radiation, making it a safe and absolutely painless method to gain deeper insights into the health of you pet.


Some routines, like giving your pet dental chews on a regular basis, can help to improve their oral health. However, often times more comprehensive solutions are needed. This can include a more comprehensive cleaning, polishing, dental extraction, tooth root abscess or even oral surgery. We’re equipped to help pets with these areas.


Our in-house laboratory allows us to run diagnostic tests on-site and turn the results around in a short span of time. Some veterinary facilities require shipping lab tests to a separate location, whereas we are equipped to take samples and process results all under one roof. Allowing us to review these insights faster means that we can help your pet move toward recovery and optimal health even faster.


We’re incredibly excited to offer laser therapy as a new service which can assist greatly with a wide range of ailments in your pet. Laser therapy is an incredible versatile treatment, which can improve recovery times after surgery, assist with pain and inflammation, reduce swelling, muscle spasms, arthritic issues, skin issues, ear infections, orthopedic problems and more. It does this by increasing blood flow and allowing natural healing in the body to occur much faster. We recommend asking us about this new solution to learn more and to see if this could be the right fit for your pet!

VetSource Online medications:

We are pleased to offer our clients home delivery of some pet medications as well as Hill’s Pet Nutrition. Just click this link.


When pets get older, they can experience difficulty with simple movements and suffer chronic pain from arthritis and other issues. We are prepared to help you evaluate the health and mobility of your pet, to determine the medicines and at-home care techniques that can improve their overall quality of life.


For those large animals like cattle and horses, our large-animal facility allow us to administer important preventative care techniques like vaccinations and deworming. We also offer dental services such as power float to help keep your horses oral health at the best level possible.


We’ve designed our luxury boarding services to provide the ultimate experience for your pet while you’re away. Our suites have a solid, tempered glass door that avoids the caged-in look and feel of the standard kennel. Each luxury dog suite comes with bedding, pictures and a television to put your pet at ease.

Each suite is a different theme to fit the mood and personality of your pet; from our Princess room, Theatre room, Lodge, Harley Davidson room, Beach room, St Louis Cardinals room, Planes Trains and Automobiles room and Hometown Pride room. Even the biggest dogs will find that they have room to spare and the creature comforts of home.


When pets are well groomed, they feel good!! Our groomers will help to care for your pet by checking their skin and fur for any abnormalities, and then proceed to trim their nails and check the pads of their feet. Our groomers will brush your pets hair and remove any matting, bathe your pet in a gentle shampoo to remove any dirt or debris. If there is a specific issue impacting the skin or comfort of your pet, we can also give a medicated bath to soothe the skin to help with itching. If your pet is due for a groom, consider our personalized pet grooming services today!